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Invisible Seamless Chamber (Patent#  : ZL200320129834.X)


The main body of the rangehood is manufactured with no joints and/or gaps to allow build-up of grease during cooking. Consequently, it makes cleaning simple and protect all internal electrical components from moisture and grease.

High Efficiency Wide Air Inlet


The wide air inlet design allows a maximum efficient of grease and smoke extraction to flow through smoothly without resistants, resulting in a lower noise level and and cleaner kitchen.

360º Omni-Draft Accelerator (Patent#  : ZL201120148613.1)


Departing the malpractice or traditional method of air intake in rangehoods, Sacon uses the principal and theory of wind to develop this Omni-Draft Accelerator (Patented) to capture air and fumes from all direction directly into the rangehood inlet during cooking!  This also reduces the noise level and guarantee smooth and maximum air intake, leaving nothing behind in the kitchen.

Patented Big Net (Patent#  : ZL03263044.1)


This (patented) single layer (nano-technology) oil filter works by combining the process of filtering, exporting and seperating of oil and fume as a whole to create the oil trapping effect.  This results in easier cleaning, and to avoid oil adhering to surface of filters like multi-layered nets.

Silent Self-Clean Impeller System (Patent#  : ZL200620175742.9)


The impeller creatively adapts the permeation and integration technology by high efficient self create a high level of effectiveness from the rangehood during operation while you still can enjoy life with the cleanliness of your kitchen.

Grease Resistance Chamber (Patent#  : ZL2004258793.4)


Grease Resistance Chamber is especially designed with the Lutetium technology that modern aircrafts use, to resist corrosion and grease during operation.  This eliminates the amount of grease built up internally leaving you a peace of mind, and time to do more cooking than cleaning.

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